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The UK’s vote to leave the EU will affect the coverage of all EU trade mark registrations once Britain has finalised its exit. Nevertheless, there is likely to be no change for at least two years, giving trade mark owners time to plan.

It is envisaged that there will be transitional provisions, probably allowing the ‘re-registration’ of EU Trade Mark registrations in the UK. The new national UK right will then stand alongside the modified EU registration.

The UK’s professional body ITMA has said that it will advocate that the transition of all EU-based trade mark rights to UK-based protection is “simple and cost effective”.

If you have any questions on the effect of Brexit on your trade mark rights, please call or email us.

Bonallack & Bishop are solicitors specialising in intellectual property and trade marks. Working alongside highly experienced Trade Mark Attorneys from Mears Morgan LLP based in our offices in Wiltshire and Hampshire, our unique team provide huge experience in dealing with trade mark and other IP issues.

How Trade Mark UK can help you

Applying for a trade mark registration can be a complex process and it’s best to seek the advice of our experienced trade mark professionals to ensure maximum protection of your trade mark. In particular we can assist you with the following;

  • The process of trade mark and brand selection;
  • Conducting trade mark clearance searches;
  • Devising UK and global trade mark filing strategies;
  • Prosecuting trade mark applications through to registration;
  • Enforcing and defending trade mark rights;
  • Advising on trade mark infringement and passing off;
  • Helping with trade mark portfolio management;
  • Transfers and licences;
  • Mergers and acquisitions;
  • The use of trade marks in marketing and advertising;
  • Anti-counterfeiting programmes in the UK and worldwide

Why use Trade Mark UK?

  • Filing your own trade mark applications, or getting non-specialist advice, can compromise your rights. Registering and enforcing a trade mark requires skilled professional assistance.

  • Our team are dedicated specialists and understand all about trade mark registration – in the UK and worldwide.

  • We provide great value legal services – specialist city quality advice at local prices.

  • We provide FREE initial phone advice on trade mark issues.

  • Our team can take your trademark instructions by e-mail or phone without the need to see you face to face – or, alternatively, we can arrange to meet in our offices in Wiltshire, Hampshire and Dorset.

  • Our solicitors and qualified Trade Mark attorneys work together to provide a full range of intellectual property services, from registering and enforcing your trademark to other aspects of IP law, including copyright to design rights and IT contracts.

  • We keep our clients happy – in a recent client survey, 95% classed our service as “excellent” or “good”, with a huge 98% saying that they would “recommend the firm to others”. It is such high levels of client satisfaction that has enabled us to grow by 1000% in only 13 years – simply by taking the time to get our service right and meet and exceed our clients’ expectations.

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