Registering an EU Trade Mark

Registering a Community Trade Mark
A Community Trade Mark (CTM) is a single right that covers all the member states of the European Union – effectively an EU Trade Mark providing protection for your business in all 27 EU countries.

Jon Mears is recognised as a Professional Representative of OHIM, the organisation responsible for registering Community Trade Marks. We can act on your behalf to file your CTM applications and to prosecute the application through to registration.

The requirements for registering a CTM are broadly the same as those for registering a UK trade mark. Our professionals will be able to guide you through the trade mark selection process.

Registering a CTM gives the owner of the mark an exclusive right to use it for the goods and/or services that it covers across the European Community. Once registered, you can take action to enforce your CTM in the UK or any other member states of the EU.

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