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At Bonallack & Bishop, a rapidly growing solicitors’ firm with offices in Wiltshire, Hampshire and Dorset, our intellectual property lawyers work side by side with trademark professionals from Mears Morgan LLP to provide you with a full and seamless range of intellectual property and trademark services – city quality advice at local prices.

What we do
Any business filing their own trademark applications, or getting advice from non-specialists, can compromise the extent of their eventual rights through lack of professional expertise. Your rights will depend upon the interplay of different factors, such as a carefully worded specification of goods and services, whether words and logos should be registered in combination or separately, whether there are any colour limitations, whether you have a series of trademarks and the ability to avoid objections from third parties.

We can help you with the initial selection of your trademark, advise you as to the registrability of the proposed mark and conduct searches to ensure that there are no earlier conflicting rights that could prevent the use and registration of your mark.

Filing your own trademarks?
For those businesses that file their own trademark applications, many encounter official objections, and it can be a daunting process to try and overcome these objections. Even if the objections are successfully overcome, the extent of eventual rights can be compromised. It is therefore essential to seek professional assistance to ensure that you maximise your rights and gain maximum protection for your brand. Enforcing trademarks is also a difficult process and requires skilled professional assistance.

Our Trademark Team
Our trademark advice and services is provided by trademark professional Jonathan Mears who is a member of Mears Morgan LLP, along with members of our commercial and litigation teams.

Jon works closely with members of our own commercial and litigation teams to look after all aspects of your trademark portfolio.

Together our IP lawyers and trademark attorneys provide a complete trademark service – from initial advice to searching the trademark register and filing the trademark application.

Our specialist team are dedicated to the protection and exploitation of your trademarks and other intellectual property rights. We have the experience you need – from working with the smallest start-up business to supporting multinational companies.

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