Registering a trademark in other countries

Trademarks can be registered in most countries and the majority of jurisdictions have their own national Trademark Office. If you want to use your mark in a particular country, or if you are negotiating with a potential business partner overseas, it is important to apply to register your trade mark to protect your position as soon as possible in the business process.  We can arrange this for you either through our network of overseas associates, or via a CTM (EU Trademark) or an International Registration (IR).

What is an International Registration?
An IR is generally a very cost-effective way of registering trademarks in a number of countries based on UK applications or registrations.

The Madrid Arrangement provides a cost-effective system whereby the owner of a UK application or registration can register their trademarks abroad.  There are currently over 70 countries where we can file an International Registration direct from the UK.

Once your UK application has been filed, we can apply to register the trademark in specific countries as an International Registration. This can be a cost effective way of protecting your trademark overseas and it is usually less expensive than filing national trademark applications in particular countries.
When applying for an IR, we have to indicate in which countries you wish to register your mark. You can also choose the European Community as a separate territory under an IR.

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